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Have you heard that TERC, a nonprofit, has launched a STEM Teacher Leadership Network funded by the National Science Foundation? The online community is for  aspiring or current teacher leaders, researchers and administration to improve STEM education, effect policy and discuss the changes to the future of STEM education in a collaborative online collegial network. The goal is to provide a venue to expand your leadership expertise within your own school as well as to contribute to new research and development efforts, and influence education policy and its implementation at the district, state, and national level. If you are interested in this network, join and get access to resources, share in monthly themed events and ongoing discussions. Each theme has  an interactive expert panel, related resources, a blog, and a month-long facilitated discussion. Visit https://stemtlnet.org to become a member. Members are provided with networking tools, resources, and interactive online events throughout the year to explore topics related to STEM teacher leadership. Members will share their leadership paths, challenges, strategies, resources, upcoming opportunities and events with each other.

What's the cost? Free! 

What's this month's theme? America's Stategy for STEM Education - Why it is Relevant to STEM Teacher-Leaders. The month's theme is moderated by Jeff Weld, and addresses four critical aspects of “America’s Strategy For STEM Education” and discusses why it is relevant to STEM Teacher Leaders. The four areas that the theme will address this month are 1) Increasing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in STEM, 2) Engaging Students where Disciplines Converge, 3) Promoting Computational Literacy and 4) Building STEM Ecosystems and Strategic Partnerships. There will be an expert panel on this month's theme  January 8, 2020 at 7PM EST with  K. Renae PullenRemy DouCindy Hasselbring, and Sarah Young all who are powerhouses in the field. I hope you can join in and check it out. 

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STEM Teacher Leadership Network

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Sunday, January 5, 2020