The Ultimate Chemistry Swag....

custom high tops

     I will cut to the quick. My daughter, Claire, attends Marian University in Indianapolis. One of her friends is Catherine Bell. Catherine is an amazing art student who is trying to make a few bucks while she is in college. She started her own company in which she customizes clothes or shoes for people. She has a website, an Etsy site and a Facebook page. Claire happened to mention Catherine's work. I asked her if Catherine could paint the periodic table on some white Converse high tops. I got an inexpensive pair of shoes and sent them to Catherine with a few bucks. Catherine then did an incredible job painting them. I now have a custom pair of Periodic Table high tops.


   Catherine had no idea that I write a blog for chemistry teachers until I just contacted her asking for permission to include links to her accounts. Here is what I can say about her work. She did a great job. She is a nice person trying to make her way through school. She does not charge nearly enough in my opinion. Want to treat yourself and really rock with some serious custom chemistry swag? Just give Catherine a blank canvas and an idea....she will do a great job. Hmmmm....I wonder is she could help me with a periodic table lab coat???????


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Sunday, October 15, 2017