Open Access to ChemEd X Resources - COVID19

MacBook with ChemEd X resources open on screen

Due to the COVID 19 crisis, ChemEd X videos and software is available to all educators. 

 The ChemEd X video collection includes modernized versions of the Chemistry Comes Alive! video collection. In addition to this award-winning collection, contributors continue to create some very interesting video.

 These materials were previously curated on JCE Online.

This material includes (put is not limited to) the following. Follow the for a complete list of content available.

 This simulation begins in the period around 1870 when chemistry is beginning to be organized. The concept, introduced by Kekulé and Couper, of tetravalent carbon atoms capable of linking to each other has permitted the rise of structural concepts in organic chemistry.

 In chemistry lectures we have little time to discuss the history of chemistry. This simulation begins with the development of valence concepts in the 19th century. We will step back into the 19th century to see how theories of chemical combination changed during that time.

Michael Morgan shared two blog posts outlining his use of materials above. -  and 

 The Netorials cover selected topics in first-year chemistry including: Chemical Reactions, Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Intermolecular Forces, Acids & Bases, Biomolecules, and Electrochemistry.

Inorganic Nomenclature is a drill-and-practice tutorial on naming simple inorganic compounds and writing chemical formulas consisting of multiple-choice questions.

: Organic Nomenclature is a drill-and-practice tutorial on naming simple organic compounds and drawing structures consisting of multiple-choice questions.

Follow the link for a complete list of content available.