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"What are we doing to help kids achieve?"

First, I do not work for Atomsmith. I do not ask for or get any free stuff from them. It might sound like I do. But, I just really like ther resource. There has been numerous mentions about Atomsmith in this forum (Why I think I love Atomsmith..., New online tool: The Atomsmith Classroom Online and An Interesting Way to look at Reactions....). So what exactly is Atomsmith and why am I writing about them again?

  • Essentially, Atomsmith is a really cool online modeling tool for students and teachers. Students can examine models, reactions, do "live" reactions, look at physical constants and more. So what are some more cool features?
  • Atomsmith shows orbital notations and adjusts energy levels for the exceptions that do not fit the Aufbau diagram.
  • They have introduced a history timeline that includes a wide variety of people who contributed to atomic theory and those who were against it (a new one for me). You can even see models of famous atomic theory experiments.
  • They have a section about news items concerning molecules and compounds.
  • The reaction lab is amazing. Students can watch models of a double displacement precipitation reaction. Try drawing this out on a whiteboard.
  • The activities for students are good and keep getting better. They might be considered "flipped assignments" but instead of videos, students can manipulate models. They have a great pace and format. Not too much or too little information.
  • Many of the models and reactions support and compliment demonstrations or microscale experiments.
  • Atomsmith is affordable for teachers and students.
  • Finally, Atomsmith has a great staff. Many times when I have contacted educational tech companies I have gotten the impression that they are tech people who are trying to break into the educational market. Atomsmith staff seems to consist of educators who are using technology to help students. They speak and know the lanquage of teaching.

My only problem with Atomsmith... They have been adding new material and features at a fast pace and I either miss it or have to rethink what I am doing. Bottom line, check out Atomsmith. You won't regret it.


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Angie Nardiello | Sun, 02/04/2018 - 11:11

Thanks for writing about Atomsmith again. It brought the tool into my radar and I have evaluation access as we speak!  Wow! I will find a way to bring this to my students. What a great resource!  Enjoy your blog!


Chad Husting's picture
Chad Husting | Mon, 02/05/2018 - 08:01

Angie - Glad you liked it.  I have found it really helps kids.  I am working on a "Pick" that will be posted in the next couple of weeks that you may also find useful.  Stay tuned...

David Gervais | Fri, 02/09/2018 - 21:09

The Plank's Constant materials that I was given by the Perimeter Institute have LED's of known wavelength. I now have another use for them. Great! Thanks

Dave G