Chem Ed 2015 ~ Conversations at Kennesaw State University

Chem Ed 2015 at KSU

What a mole-riffic time we are having here in Kennesaw, Georgia!  Some highlights from my time here include:

~ The very appropriate cooling towels (Chill-its) we (ChemEd X) handed out to folks who stopped by our table, ran the Mole Run, or we saw between sessions. Several teachers have been diving in to research how they work.  Chemistry in action!

~ I talked with several people about incorporating art into chemistry. From awareness like creating jewelry, to using drama to model. Teachers are seeking to stretch students and help them make cross-discipline connections.

~ Once again, labs seem to be a highlight!  Many participants were looking for new ideas, inquiry ideas, and thoughts for how to improve current labs.

~ Teachers love puns! There were all kinds of plays on words incorporating chemistry from the new Mole Day song which was presented at the mole breakfast, to the variety of T-shirts teachers were wearing. My new favorite was, "Chemists get things all mixed up and then call it a solution!"

As we head home, I am so excited for this next school year and I hope you are too!  Being around so many energetic people inspires me to get to work re-writing labs, using new activities, and then discussing it with you throughout the year.  I encourage you to contribute also. Together we can help one another to grow and many students will benefit!  I look forward to reading about your experiences!!

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Deanna Cullen | Mon, 08/03/2015 - 17:20

I had a great time at ChemEd 2015! The organizers did a nice job. I enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones! 

My favorite lessons that I am excited to try out with my students came from the Target Inquiry group from Miami University. I unfortunately missed several of them, but am anxious to check out all the activities at the web site.

Visit for FREE student and teacher guides.

I also recommend for more of the same type of activities. 

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