Hach Grant


I teach AP chemistry and general chemistry at Hudsonville High School in the Grand Rapids area.  I applied for the last spring and was very excited when I was one of the recipients that was accepted.  The process of applying is very easy.  Your request obviously has to be well thought out.  Any research for support of your idea and of course the cost should be validated.  When I had questions I called ACS and the representative that I talked to was very friendly and helpful.  She was able to guide me along the way when questions arose and she was very detailed.  I was intimidated at first, just because I had applied for a different grant a few years ago.  That one had a difficult application process and feedback was poor if not lacking most of the time.  I was very discouraged after that experience.  Even applying for the HACH grant, I was still "gun shy" but once I committed to filling out the application, I felt confident.


The deadline is April 1st for the 2015 grant. Teachers can request up to $1500.

I would strongly encourage any science teachers that if you have an idea to enhance student learning/education go for it!!

Kevin Conkel