CHEMED 2013 in Waterloo


Greg Rushton and I attended and presented at CHEMED in Waterloo July 28th through August 1st.  We enjoyed the ice cream and frozen snacks at the JCE sponsored Ice Cream Social Monday evening.  We presented JCE resources for AP Chemistry on Tuesday and JCE resources for General Chemistry on Wednesday.  The resources and links from those meetings are linked here.

Some of the activities that we will share come from the set of Classroom Activities available at .  A Sticky Situation: Classroom Activity #105 is availabe as a free download on that page.

I can't say it enough, if you are looking for inquiry and or modeling activities, you have to check out the Target Inquiry Web site... . At the AP session, Greg and I talked briefly about the Energizer Lab for helping to model the transfer of electrons in a galvanic cell.  You can find it posted here on the Xchange, but also on the Target Inquiry site.  You can find directions to the beaker to beaker equilibrium activity in Alice Putti's "All Things Being Equal" Lab. 

Connecting Geometry and Chemistry:  A Three Step Approach to Three-Dimensional Thinking Kelley J. Donaghy and Kathleen J. Saxton, Journal of Chemical Education 2012 89 (7), 917-920

The ping pong ball analogy for modeling the redox reaction between copper sulfate and zince can be found at: Classroom Activity #111 - Ortiz Nieves, Edgardo l, Barreto, Reizelie, and Medina, Zuleika, Classroom Activity #111:  Redox Reactions in Three Representations,  Journal of Chemical Education, 2012, 89 (5), pp 643–645

Siphoning Graduated Cylinders -Graduated Cylinders Part I- The Flipped Dr J on YouTube  & Graduated Cylinders Part II

A great article discussing the value of using modelling to teach chemistry...Bridle, Chad A and Yezierski, Ellen J, Evidence for the Effectiveness of Inquiry-Based, Particulate-Level Instruction on Conceptions of the Particulate Nature of Matter, Journal of Chemical Education, 2012, 89 (2), pp 192-198.

We did highlight Tom Kuntzelman's blog about candies and solubility.



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Tom Kuntzleman's picture
Tom Kuntzleman | Sat, 07/27/2013 - 20:51

I hope you guys have fun!  Let us know how it goes, and also about anything interesting you learn!