JCE AP Special Issue

JCE AP Special Issue

The Journal of Chemical Education AP Special Issue is in print. Greg Rushton and I were happy to highlight the special issue for high school chemistry teachers and other stake holders at BCCE in August. If you haven't already taken a look at the articles, I hope you will find some time to check them out. I encourage you to read the first article of the following list. It is an editorial written by Greg Rushton, an Associate Editor of the Precollege Section. This editorial will help put all the articles in context for you. Please share your thoughts about the articles as you read them.

Introducing the Journal of Chemical Education’s “Special Issue: Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry” ~ Greg Rushton's Editorial

Integrating ‘big ideas’ with a traditional topic sequence in the AP Chemistry course: first steps ~ Christopher Kennedy

Reflections on the Curriculum Framework Underpinning the Redesigned Advanced Placement Chemistry Course ~ David Yaron

Understanding and Using the New Guided-Inquiry AP Chemistry Laboratory Manual ~ Kristen Cacciatore

Exploring Interactive and Dynamic Simulations Using a Computer Algebra System in an Advanced Placement Chemistry ~ Paul Matsumoto

Comparing recent organizing templates for test content between ACS Exams in General Chemistry and AP Chemistry ~ Thomas Holme

Effects of the Flipped Classroom Model on Student Performance for Advanced Placement High School Chemistry Students ~ David Schultz, Stacy Duffield, Seth Rasmussen, Justin Wageman

How the Chemistry Modeling Curriculum Engages Students in Seven Science Practices Outlined by the College Board ~ Erica Posthuma-Adams

Assessing Advanced High School and Undergraduate Students' Thinking Skills: The "Chemistry—From the Nanoscale to Microelectronics" Module ~ Yehudit Dori, Vered Dangur, Shirly Avargil, Uri Peskin

The Development of Multiple-Choice Items Consistent with the AP Chemistry Curriculum Framework to More Accurately Assess Deeper Understanding ~ John Domyancich

Photoelectron Spectroscopy in Advanced Placement Chemistry ~ James Benigna

Data First: Building Scientific Reasoning in AP Chemistry via the Concept Development Study Approach ~ Carolyn Nichol, Amber Szymczyk, John Hutchinson

The AP Chemistry Course Audit: A Fertile Ground for identifying and addressing misconceptions about the course and process ~ Richard Schwenz, Sheldon Miller

Biodiesel and Integrated STEM: Vertical Alignment of High School Biology/Biochemistry and Chemistry ~ Andrea Burrows, Jon Breiner, Jennifer Keiner, Chris Behm

The New AP Chemistry Exam: Its Rationale, Content, and Scoring ~ Paul Price, Roger Kugel

Professional development aligned with AP Chemistry curriculum: Promoting science practices and facilitating enduring conceptual understanding ~ Deborah Herrington, Ellen Yezierski

Past, Present, and Future of AP Chemistry: A Brief History of Course and Exam Alignment Efforts ~ Serena Magrogan

Filling a Plastic Bag with Carbon Dioxide: a Student-Designed Guided-Inquiry Lab for AP and College Chemistry Courses ~ Laura Lanni

A Microscale Procedure for Inorganic Qualitative Analysis with Emphasis on Writing Equations. Chemical Fingerprinting Applied to the n-Bottle Problem of Matching Samples with their Formulae ~ Prem Sattsangi


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Journal of Chemical Education AP Special Issue

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Monday, September 22, 2014
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Erica Posthuma's picture
Erica Posthuma | Fri, 09/26/2014 - 08:46

Jamie's article on PES is one of the best resources I've found on the subject.  I had a hard time, as many did, finding good information to pull from when this topic was added to the AP curriculum.  Jamie helped PES make more sense to me and provided me with material I could share with my students.  Thank you for including this topic in the edition and addressing a need in the AP community.