ACS Chem Club

Do you or anyone you know advise an ACS Chem Club? I have heard of it over the past few years, but I have been busy and didn’t want to add another thing to my plate. When I found out that there are no requirements of what or how much we have to do as a group, I decided that I could give it a try. I appreciate that ACS provides some great resources. You can find many ideas on the ACS web site.

I just got a packet of Chem Club calendars, posters and other goodies this week and am excited to get started. I have only had the posters up for two days and they have already generated interest. I have told students to think about what they would like the focus of the group to be and bring their ideas to our first meeting in October. I gave them a list to consider and/or add to as they see fit.

  • Environment, maybe initiate a recycle program at the school
  • Science field trips
  • Careers in science
  • Experience science/chemistry activities that are student and/or teacher led.
  • Plan a science/demo day for elementary students.

I will keep you posted on how things go for us. In the meantime, I would love to hear from other ACS Chem Club advisors!

Check out the ACS Chem Club web site.