The American Modeling Teachers Association (AMTA) website is the official source for information on Modeling InstructionTM (MI).  Whether you are an experienced Modeler or simply interested in learning more about MI, I encourage you to visit the newly redesigned site and check out the available resources.  You can read about the history of how and why MI was developed as well as a synopsis of the Method.  For those interested in reading supporting research, AMTA has compiled an extensive list of publications on MI in both the high school and college classrooms.  There are also links to Modelers’ and Modeling-Friendly blogs where you can read stories from the front lines. 

For members of AMTA, the website provides some additional benefits.  Members have full access to all materials for the Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Physical Science, and Middle School curricula.  The new site has improved collaboration and communication capabilities and members can share resources they have created with each other.  The eForumLife feature has the potential to be a powerful communication tool for teachers from across the country to come together to discuss challenges, pose questions, and offer support to one another.

AMTA is currently working on some exciting new features for members.  An online system for administering the concept inventories is tentatively scheduled to go live in August and an app to assist teachers in monitoring their use of NGSS science and engineering practices is in development.  There are also plans to create an app to help teachers self-assess their use of MI.

As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am an enthusiastic member of AMTA.  The training I received in MI has been invaluable.  I continue to participate in Modeling WorkshopsTM each year – and I learn something new every time.  Workshops are offered each summer and AMTA diligently updates their workshop lists throughout the year.  Chances are one will be offered near you!

I encourage everyone to check out the site and consider joining.  Information about how to become a member can be found here

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015