Jumprope - Making Grades Irrelevant


Earlier in the summer, I was shopping around for a standards-based gradebook. As the lone teacher at my school venturing into this unchartered territory, I did what any responsible techie teacher would do.  I turned to the twitterverse for suggestions. I quickly identified the two most recommended platforms. One was JumpRope and the other was ActiveGrade. I chose to try JumpRope because I could sign up for a free account and have access to all of the features I needed. (ActiveGrade is still very affordable at $4.99/month)

I was immediately impressed with how intuitive the interface was. I was able to have all my classes created, students uploaded, and standards written for my first units in under an hour.  In my fifteen years of teaching, I've never had so much fun setting up a gradebook!  

The people at JumpRope have been encouraging and helpful at each step. Each time I tweet and tag @jumpropers I have a response almost immediately. They answered questions and offered encouragement as well connected me with other users to help build my online support network.  Although I've only just begun my adventure into creating a standards-based classroom, I'm excited to have the JumpRope team on my side!




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Monday, August 10, 2015
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