Periodic Table Websites and Apps - An Update

Periodic Table of Tech

With the start of the school year quickly approaching or having already started for others I wanted to take this chance to update a few resources regarding some periodic table websites and apps for you and your students. 

The first is a new site entitled Periodic Table of Tech and as the name suggests as you hover over each element, a popup opens to provide you with information about the elements role in the tech world and then you can click on the pop up to read more about it. Such as did you know where Google Chrome gets its name?

Chromium (Cr)

In industry, chromium is used to create rust-resistant stainless steel. But chromium also has virtual applications — it’s the namesake of the world’s most popular web browser. Google Chrome owes its newfound fame to the Chromium Project, an initiative that ensured everyone’s favorite internet application would be fast, safe, reliable, and accessible.

This site reminds me of a few infographics from Compound Interest regarding the use of elements in a smartphone. Regarding the Periodic Table, did you know Feb 7 is National Periodic Table Day?  ou can click the link here to read all about it and take a look at some great periodic tables from Compound Interest.

 If you are looking for periodic tables with less information to print out for your students, then I recommend this site (Printable Periodic Tables) from ThoughtCo. .  I use this site quite often depending on what amount of information on the periodic table I want to provide for my students. Some teachers may prefer to give students periodic tables with names of the elements printed on them while others may not depending on the particular topic(s) they may be covering. If you are looking for a Periodic Table with a large amount of details, then I recommend the website

In regards to apps for the Periodic Table, I would recommend again the EMDPTE app or the eleMints app on the app store. Both of those apps are free. Another great Periodic Table is the Periodic Table app from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Also, if you are looking for some other chemistry apps then check out the Eight great apps for chemistry teachers article from the Royal Society of Chemistry. Well, I hope you and your students find these helpful and If you have any other great chemistry apps, Periodic Table apps, or websites then please share.

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Thursday, August 10, 2017